fproxy - multipurpose http(s) proxy server
Author: firk
Created: 22/31/03
=== fproxy (firk's proxy) - multipurpose proxy-server with ssl/tls-intercepting ===
Download fproxy standalone source code only: fproxy-v80-s.tgz

To build this you should first download and build fcl and use its build system, also download and build fcrypt and libsimpletcp.

You may use the prepare-dir.sh script to prepare working directory for fproxy.

Download source as -one- package for just build: fproxy-v80-p.tgz

(have zlib and openssl development files installed)
tar xzf fproxy-v80-p.tgz
cd fproxy-v80-p

also may run ./install-secure.sh if you want privilege separation with the current user

Detailed description (rus): fproxy-v80.txt.
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